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How to be Enlightened(要如何才能開悟?)

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:How to beEnlightened=  Master Qilin

Qilin Master:Everyone is a piece of blank paper at birth, andscriptures take large creditduring the period of early cultivation. Manyscriptures serve the purpose ofenlightenment. If there is no one to guide foradvancement after one beenenlightened, only insist on the content of scripturesfor the rest of one’slife, one will be trapped in the beauty of scriptures.“True scripture is notin the books nor words”, it means a book of scripture isnot a true scripture,a written form of scripture is not a true scripture. Whytrue explanation doesnot explain directly, but using so many implicitmetaphors? True explanationcan not be explained directly in one day, but it maytake two or three days,and some day it can be explained clearly.

Qilin Master:
After been enlightened, you will understandthe relationship between heaven andearth, the difference between body and soul.It enables you during meditationto understand the drive of all conscious, todistinguish reality and spiritualillusion, and not falling into thick fog. Youwill clearly understand the greatdepth of true self nature and principle of theuniverse. Able to understandthere is effect within cause, and cause withineffect, and return to theoriginal state of new born soul. Although your body isin this mortal world,but you know you will return to nature, the spiritualworld. Since youunderstand this principle, you will relief the knowledge inthis mortal world,and gradually return to your natural state, and comply withthe order ofspiritual world, to prepare for the eternal life in the future.This is themost simple explanation for the “Zhongtian Zen CultivationPrinciple”. Howeveryou must have solid background in zen cultivation to entersuch stage, applyingTaoism and Buddhism as foundation, “see mountain asmountain, see mountain isnot mountain” to enter the high level of spiritualcultivation.

Qilin Master:
Oncea cultivator has clearlyunderstand the evolution principle of the universe,whose character will shinesignificantly, and able to relief oneself from thepain of living, aging,sickness, and death. Miracles often appear in the sceneof zen meditation, thehalo of spirit will appear, and six sense will becomemore acute. Everyone hascharacter of Buddha inside, with complete true selfnature, however withoutreceiving any guidance from outside, the covered heartwould never see its clearday. If a cultivator receives fist hand guidance froma high level zen master,with adequate adjustment, the heart will be cleared tosee its true nature, thenone will becomes a Buddha, which is reachablesomeday. Zen meditation can clearall the physical, mental and psychologicalblocks, and living in the life ofhappiness, no worrisome and care free. Usinglimited life time to createunlimited space, using fraction of merit to createeternal life. Understand theprinciple of reincarnation of lives in universe,receiving the wisdom ofevolution within universe, experience the wonder ofheavenly heart, the greatvow for descending to earth, and returning to thepure and original state.

Qilin Master: Manypeople can make long opinion on the topic of“enlightenment”, however it needsreal background to enter this magical door. InBuddhism it calls “open theheavenly eye”; in Taoism it calls “enlightenment”.Qilin Master explainsenlightenment in simple language: It can be categorized intwo types, “gradual”and “instant” enlightenment. So called “instant”enlightenment which isreconnecting the cultivation from previous lives. Onesuddenly connect thememory from previous lives through a scripture, a sentenceor an event, and ithappens in an “instant”. It depends on the progress of yourpreviouscultivation to decide your level. Another type of “instant”enlightenment isone suddenly understand the entire principles among the mortalworld. This phenomenais mixed with event and theory, sometimes it is not thehighest form, andsometimes it goes to extreme or turns to the evil side ofdirection. Therefore“instant” enlightenment is not a safe method. “Gradual”means slowly, whichneeds time to make progress, but it requires a good teacherfor guidance withcorrect method in order to achieve higher level. If one unableto make gradualprogress, even with long time of cultivation, one still not ableto reach highlevel, Therefore it needs correct method of guidance. In ZhongtianFamen,enlightenment means opening the magical wisdom, utilizing the method ofzencultivation to make one comply with the standard of heavenly status afterlife.So called “using the mortal body to cultivate the immortal soul”, convertthisordinary body into the body of cultivation. Sitting quietly does not meandoingnothing, and not mistakenly think quietly cultivation is same asreachingheaven! If one unable to comply with requirement of heaven, all effortsofcultivation is useless! Therefore enlightenment is the path forreachingheavenly status! The cultivation inZhongtian includes the subjects intheory and real cultivation practice. Thereason for us to take extra lessons isto cultivate, in order to comply withheavenly orders.





          麒麟法師:『每 一個人出生都是張白紙,在修行的啟蒙時期,經典是功不可沒,很多經典都是為開悟而設的;開悟後無人能指導進階,只有一生執著於經典,還會執著於經典之美而不可自拔!「真經不在經典上,真經不在文字間。」是經典非真經,可文字記載就不是真經。為什麼真解不直接解釋,要用那麼多的妙喻來比喻?真解一天無法直接 解釋,可以兩天、三天,終有清楚的一天。』[1]

        麒麟法師:『開 悟之後,你會了悟天地之間的關係,肉體與靈性的區分,使你在禪修之時,明白各類意念的行駛,區隔真實與靈幻,不會如墜入五里霧中,清清楚楚、明明白白自性的深奧,宇宙之真理;了悟因中有果、果中有因,回歸原始之初靈。雖然身在人間,卻知道以後會歸回自然、歸回靈界!既明白此理,則要放下人間之善知識,漸返 大自然之懷抱,符合靈界以後的規範,為未來之生展開永恆之準備,這是所謂的「中天禪修正法」最簡易的解釋。當然要進入此段必須有深厚的禪修基礎,使用道、佛為根基,「見山是山,見山不是山」進入靈修的深層。』[2]

         麒麟法師:『修 行者,一旦參悟宇宙循環之正法,人性便增加光輝,能解脫於生、老、病、死四種苦。而神通常顯現於禪修境中,靈性光輝就會顯現出來,第六感的敏銳會顯露而無遺。而人人皆具有佛性,自性本是具足的,雖不假外求,蒙蔽之心是永無清澈日。如修行者有高深禪導師親身指導,適時之調整,明心見性,見性成佛,是指日可待 的,禪修之生理、心理及精神之障礙得以消弭於無形,快樂無憂又無慮之禪修生涯,以有限生命創造無限空間,以細微之功德創造永恆之生,了悟宇宙循環生命本體,得悟宇宙循環之大智慧,體悟妙法天心,生命降世之宏願,返璞而歸真。』[3]

        麒麟法師:『「開 悟」很多人都可以長篇大論,入不入玄牝之門,要見真章!佛教叫「開天眼」,儒道教叫「開悟」。「開悟」麒麟很簡潔的說:可分為「漸」與「頓」。所謂「頓」就是承接前世之修行,因為某經典某一句話或某一件事,忽然承接前世的記憶,就是「頓」。等級高不高,看你前世修到哪裡。另一種「頓」,忽然間明白世間的一 切道理,這是事理互摻的道理。有時候不是最高級的,有時候不一定是正確的,有時候根本就是走入極端或走火入魔,所以「頓」不是很保險的正念。「漸」,就是慢慢的意思,長時間漸次的漸進。然要有好的老師引導,漸進導入正念,達到高層次。如果無法漸進進道上升,就算修的時間長久,也不能達到高的層次,所以都要 符合正念正道。在中天法門而言:「開悟就是開啟妙智慧,進而以禪修之法,使符合法界往生後果位要求的標準,所謂的藉假修真、轉換凡體為修道之體。」靜坐不是甚麼都不做,也不要誤認修靜就是究竟!如無法合乎法界道的要求,修道一切枉然!所以「開悟」就是開啟通往果位的大道!中天之法有術科的部分和實際修煉的 部份。為什麼我們要另外上課,就是修練實際符合法界之法!』[4]






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