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Make an appointment to register for Class 24 seminars in 2021 + Getting Started = Mater Qilin

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Make an appointment to register for Class24 seminars in 2021 + Getting Started = Mater Qilin

Originallyscheduled for June 2021 and July 2021, the seminars were 24 classes. Accordingto the regulations of the Epidemic Command Center, the Epidemic Command Centerhad a level 2 or level 3 alert. The Zhongtian Dharma Conference exceeded thesecurity regulations and could not be held. Therefore, It is impossible todetermine when the 24th class symposium will be held. If the date is confirmed,another notice will be given, which may cause trouble. Please be considerate.

Class 24 seminar:: (Due to the epidemic, the date has beenchanged.)
The first day of class 24 is the seminar ofclass 24 + the introduction of class 24. (Scheduled in June 2021.)
Day 2 of Class 24, for class 24 make-upseminar + 24 class make-up introduction. (Scheduled in June 2021.)
Class 24 seminars + entry, scheduled to beheld 2 times. If you fail to participate in the two seminars in June, noadditional entry will be arranged for Class 24, and those who wish will have towait for the seminar of Class 25.

One day class and 2nd day class are mainlydue to the flexibility of the entry time for new students in class 24. At leastone day must be attended during the two days of class 1 and 2nd day. Of course,attendance for both days is the best. Attend one of the days, it is not amissed class, and no make up is required. After the second day of class 24,classes will be held normally.
(After registration, if you have a E-mail, theofficial will send a notification letter 3 times, and if you have a mobilephone without a E-mail, the official letter will be sent 2 notifications.)

1=24 seminars + entry, estimated to be heldin June 2021, a total of 2 seminars + entry.

2=Symposium location: Zhongtian Temple,Dongshan District, Tainan City. (Rectification period of the ZhongTian Famen,concentrated dharma meeting.)

3=Registration method: Senior brothers andsisters can register on behalf of the applicant via E-mail or register inperson. Only after receiving the student ID will the formal registration beconsidered successful. (For those who do not have a E-mail, please guide theperson to use the phone to notify when receiving the approval notice. If thereis no E-mail and a mobile phone, the official will also send a short messagenotice. When the date of the seminar is approaching, the official will send areminder notice , If you have a E-mail, use the E-mail notification, if youdon't have a E-mail and have a mobile phone, the official will send the secondSMS notification.

4=Welcome to make an appointment toregister in advance, and it will be archived. When the forum is approaching,the Master will notify you in a special letter. If you are an agent for E-mailregistration, the Master will notify you by a special letter, and if you do nothave a mobile phone, the official will also send a text message.
5=ZhongTian Famen is a systemic education,with open discipline courses, and practical courses given by Master Qilinhimself. No tuition fee is required, transportation and meals are at one’s ownexpense. (There are dedicated units that provide assistant for transportationand meals)

6=Although there is a long distance, thereis also happiness between gains and losses.

7= Make an appointment for registrationseminar + entry, you can receive an E-mail reply within one week, and you don’tneed to reply. Those who have not received the reply from E-mail, pleaseinquire from E-mail. When the seminar + entry time is approaching, there willbe a special letter reminding and notification. If the time is approaching andthe special letter has not been received, please contact us by E-mail.(Approval letter for registration and reply, use E-mail, the applicant does notuse E-mail but has a mobile phone, the official uses the SMS to send the noticeto the applicant.)

8=The venue of the seminar is at theZhongTian Main Altar, Dongshan District, Tainan City, next to the Dongshan XuXiucai Creative Garden. They are all selected on Sundays. Participants in thenorthern, central or southern regions can use the tourist buses in thenorthern, central and southern regions to get on and off at the interchange. ,Can go directly to the main altar, round trip on the same day. Students who takethe tour bus at their own expense will receive a reminder letter on the datecloser to the seminar + entry. The reminder letter will include the way tocontact or register the tour bus. (You can also drive there by yourself, getoff at Gaoxinying interchange of First highway, of get off at Baihe interchangeof Second highway)

9=If you bring children when taking a tourbus, need to pay at your own expense, please also help the child to reserve aseat. If you are a minor, you can bring your own or entrust a team ofguardianship officers to take care of them during class. For children who willrecognize someone or need breastfeeding, students are asked to stay by theirside and take care of themselves.

10=If you have logged in to the forum list,please report to the assistant officer team according to the address, date,time, and when you arrive at the general forum according to the address, date,and time on the E-mail approval notice.

11=When registering, please fill inChinese, name must be correct (not to affect your rights in the future), age:fill in the year. Please fill in the other parts truthfully.

12=When the dharma meeting day isapproaching, the guides must encourage and remind the new students toparticipate in the seminar. The last day of the dharma meeting is about 2 to 3weeks, and they are all held on Sunday. After 12 dharma meeting, pass thecourse, can graduate.

Although it takes long distance to reachmain temple, it may seem that you loose something from the distance, but in thefuture you actually gain for your faith, will, and action. It may take yourwhole lifetime of efforts to achieve, but all wishes are fulfilled! There isstill a waiting period for the Class 24 seminars. You can go to the officialwebsite or join the ZhongTian School to browse, "Waiting is also apractice", let you wait and apologize.

                 Master Qilin wish you safe andpeace - ZhongTian Wuwuji
On-line Registration E-mail: E-mail ofMaster Qilin:cup2942@yahoo.com.tw

2021 Class 24 seminar Registration Form
1. Name:
2. Tel. or Cell Phone number:
3. E-mail Address:
4. Personal Blog Site:
5. Address:
6. Sex:
7. Birth year:
8. Marital Status:
9. Occupation:
10. Education:
11. Guide(introduce)

Words of Encouragement:
If you see yourself as a piece of jade,then you have a goodhearted nature. No matter how raw the surface of this jade,being polish by ZhongTian, you shall become a shinning luminous pearl. It doesnot matter if you are rich or poor, education level is high or low, put downyour persisting in ego and pride. Important is whether if you have a heart tosearch for truth, whether if you are willing to put effort diligently. Nomatter how big the storm outside is, the heart to achieve first class elitestar never change. If so, welcome to join the elite star team of ZhongTianFamen Qilin Group.

翻譯:建豐  校正:中萍

"Zhongtian Famen main alter" isbeside the beautiful "Xu Xiucai Creative Garden."


24班座談會: (因疫情,日期更正。)






2=座談會地點:台南市東山區   中天總壇舉行。(中天法門正法期,集中法會。)




8=座談會地點在台南市東山區 中天總壇,東山許秀才創意花園旁,都選在星期日,北部、中部或南部的學員,可利用北部、中部與南部的自費遊覽車,在交流道上下車,可直達總壇,當天往返。搭乘自費遊覽車的學員,會在較臨近






請網路信箱報名:麒麟法師信箱: cup2942@yahoo.com.tw





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