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Estimated 2018 Introductory Course for 21st class - Master Qilin

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Estimated 2018 IntroductoryCourse for 21stclass - Master Qilin

1 = For 21st class Introductory Course, if there is no special class, estimated to be held in June 2018; if there is aspecial class, estimated to be held inOctober 2018.

2 = Introductorycourse location: TainanCity, Dongshan District, Xu Xiucaimain temple. (ZhongTian Famen rectification period, centralizedceremony.)

3 = Registration method: Senior fellow apprenticeproxy online registration or personal onlineregistration, after received the studentnumber to be officially signed up

4 = Welcome to book early registration,will be archived, near the seminar, the Master will send a separate notification letter.For agents proxy online applicants, Master will send separate letter to notify agents, agents shall obligation to convey the message.

5 = ZhongTian Famen is asystemic education, with open discipline courses, and practical courses given by MasterQilin himself. No tuition fee is required, transportation and meals are at one’s ownexpense. (There are dedicated units that provide assistant for transportation and meals)

6 = Although it takes great distance to reach,there is felicity exist within gaining and loosing.

7 = For those who make reservation to register the Introductory Course, shall receive a Letter of Notification,no need to reply. If not yet receivenotification whileapproaching the introductory course date, please makeon-line inquiry. (All registration and reply Letter of Approval are via emailonly, no other communication method will be used)

8 = Introductory Coursewill take place in Tainan City, Dongshan District, Xu Xiucai main temple, andwill be held on Sunday. Forstudents come from north, central or south,can take paid bus and get off athighway interchange and go straight to main temple. For those who take bus,will receive attached communication method on the Introductory Course Letter ofApproval.

9 = For those who will takebus with children, please also reserve seats for them. We will have guardianteam to take care of children during the course period. For younger childrenwho needs parental attention shall keep next to you.

10 = If you have beenlisted on the Introductory Course, please follow the Letter of Approval toattend on the address, date, time listed, and report to Assisting Officers inmain temple, and Introductory Course Officers will arrange a seat for you.

11 = Please write Chinese on your registrationform, with correct name (not to jeopardize your rightin the future) Age: Use western year. For other parts, please complete truthfullyand correctly. You will receive on-line reply within 7 days after registration,and will be complete with your 18th class ID number received.

12 = While the MeditationCourse are coming near, the guide shall remind new students the date and giveencouragement. Every 2 to 3 weeks there will be a Meditation Course, and all onSunday. One will graduate after completing 12 MeditationCourses.

Although it takes long distance to reachmain temple, it may seem that you loose something from traveling distance, but in the future you actually gain for your faith, will,and action. It may take your whole lifetime of efforts to achieve, but allwishes will be fulfilled!
There are still some time after theIntroductory Course until the Entrance of 21st class, you can browse official website or join ZhongTian FamenActivity Corner. Waiting is also part of cultivation, I apologize for yourwaiting.

Master Qilin wish you safeand sound - ZhongTian Wuwuji

On-line Registration E-mail: E-mail ofMaster Qilin: cup2942@yahoo.com.tw
201821st class Introductory Course Registration Form
1 = On-line NickName:
2 = E-mail Address:
3 = Blog Site:
4 = Full Name:
5 = Tel. or CellPhone:
6 = Address:
7 = Sex:
8 = Age:
9 = Marital Status:
10 = Occupation:
11 = Education:
12 = Guide (introducer)
13 = Expected number of attendee: (exceptfor minors, please register independently)

Words of Encouragement:
If you see yourself as a piece of jade,then you have a goodhearted nature. No matter how raw the surface of this jade,being polish by ZhongTian, you shall become a shinning luminous pearl. It doesnot matter if you are rich or poor, education level is high or low, put downyour persisting in ego and pride. Important is whether if you have a heart tosearch for truth, whether if you are willing to put effort diligently. Nomatter how big the storm outside is, the heart to achieve first class elitestar never change. If so, welcome to join the elite star team of ZhongTianFamen Qilin Group.

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